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Eco-Friendly Detergent
   Product Features
  1. Natural plant-based ingredient with built-in fabric softening agent
  2. Gently cleans and ideal for delicate fabrics, safe for sensitive skin
  3. 95%+ biodegradable, does not contain fluorescent whitening agent, colorant, triclosan, phosphate, nonylphenol, formaldehyde, EDTA, NTA, perborate, chlorine, heavy metal, oxybenzone, and APEO
  4. Delightful floral scent
Product Serial Number: D59300000
Product Code: EPED 3000g
Specifications/Quantity per Carton: 3000g/4 Bottles
Carton Dimensions: L416 x W244x H306 (mm)
Volume (m3): 0.0311
Product Serial Number: D59200000
Product Code: EPED 2000g
Specifications/Quantity per Carton: 2000g/6 Bottles
Carton Dimensions: L320 x W310x H306 (mm)
Volume (m3): 0.0304
Product Serial Number: D59100000
Product Code: EPED 1000g
Specifications/Quantity per Carton: 1000g/12 Bottles
Carton Dimensions: L394 x W272x H284 (mm)
Volume (m3): 0.0304
Product Serial Number: D59050000
Product Code: EPED 500g
Specifications/Quantity per Carton: 500g/24 Bottles
Carton Dimensions: L384 x W276x H252 (mm)
Volume (m3): 0.0267