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Ultra Clean Laundry Detergent
   Product Features
  1. Unique formula contains special cleaning agent, removes tough stains and keeps clothes sparkling bright
  2. Spot cleaning to get rid of grime
  3. Does not contain phosphate, ethylene glycol ethers, and fluorescent agent
  4. pH neutral formula, non-irritating and safe for sensitive skin
  5. Floral scent
Product Serial Number: D43350020
Product Code: HCLD(II) 3500g
Specifications/Quantity per Carton: 3500g/4 Bottles
Carton Dimensions: L438 x W256 x H320(mm)
Volume (m3): 0.0359
Product Serial Number: D43100000
Product Code: HCLD 1000g
Specifications/Quantity per Carton: 1000g/12 Bottles
Carton Dimensions: L430 x W320 x H294(mm)
Volume (m3): 0.0405
Product Serial Number: D43050020
Product Code: HCLD 500g
Specifications/Quantity per Carton: 500g/24 Bottles
Carton Dimensions: L384 x W276 x H252 (mm)
Volume (m3): 0.0267
Product Serial Number: D43053020 (Refill Pack)
Product Code: HCLD 500gR
Specifications/Quantity per Carton: 500gR/24 Pouches
Carton Dimensions: L460 x W396 x H230 (mm)
Volume (m3): 0.0419