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Anti-Dust Mite & Anti-bacterial Cold Water Wash
   Product Features
  1. Effectively removes dust mite and bacterial
  2. Natural plant based ingredient gently cleans and softens clothes
  3. Safe for sensitive skin
  4. Non-irritating formula,safe to use with baby laundry
  5. Concentrated and low sudsing formula, provides advanced cleaning performance
  6. Suitable for both hand wash and machine wash clothes
Product Serial Number: D05031000
Product Code: AWW 350g
Specifications/Quantity per Carton: 350g/12 Bottles
Carton Dimensions: L258 x W228 x H217 (mm)
Volume (m3): 0.0127
Product Serial Number: D05101030
Product Code: AWW 1000g
Specifications/Quantity per Carton: 1000g/12 Bottles
Carton Dimensions: L354 x W314 x H285 (mm)
Volume (m3): 0.0317
Product Serial Number: D05083020 (Refill Pack)
Product Code: AWW 800g
Specifications/Quantity per Carton: 800g/12 Pouches
Carton Dimensions: L434 x W232 x H268 (mm)
Volume (m3): 0.0270
Product Serial Number: D05203030 (Refill Pack)
Product Code: AWW 2000g
Specifications/Quantity per Carton: 2000g/6 Pouches
Carton Dimensions: L356 x W331 x H314 (mm)
Volume (m3): 0.0370