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Eco-Friendly Cold Water Wash
   Product Features
  1. Natural formula gently cleans the fabric
  2. Does not leave residue and cause irritation to sensitive skin
  3. Up to 95% biodegradable
  4. Conforms to CNS2477 national standards
  5. Does not contain fluorescent agent, triclosan, and other heavy metal chemicals
Product Serial Number: D66100000
Product Code: EWWE 1000g-P
Specifications/Quantity per Carton: 1000g/12 Bottles
Carton Dimensions: L394 x W272 x H284(mm)
Volume (m3): 0.0304
Product Serial Number: D66031000
Product Code: EWWE 350g-P
Specifications/Quantity per Carton: 350g/12 Bottles
Carton Dimensions: L258 x W228x H217(mm)
Volume (m3): 0.0128