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Baby Bottle & Vegetable/Fruit Wash
   Product Features
  1. ECOCERT and U.S. FDA GRAS certified natural APG cleaning factor
  2. Botanical enzyme formula effectively removes milk residue from baby bottles, and pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables
  3. SGS tested, does not contain fluorescent agent, nonylphenol, nonylphenol ethoxylate, formaldehyde, heavy metal, methanol, and arsenic
  4. Fragrance-free, low sudsing, easy to rinse and does not leave residue.
Product Serial Number: J40031000
Product Code: MFVW 350g-P
Specifications/Quantity per Carton: 350g/12 Bottles
Carton Dimensions: L258 x W228 x H217(mm)
Volume (m3): 0.0128